Graphite falling film absorber

Graphite falling film absorber

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The United States ASME certification passed smoothly

From March 4 to 5, 2015, Mr. Niu Can, head of the joint inspection team of the American Mechanical Engineering Association, and his party went to Nantong Xinbao Graphite Equipment Co., Ltd. for a two-day joint review of ASME certification. In accordance with the requirements of the specification, the ASME JIU started with the ASME quality control manual and specification documents prepared by the company, and conducted extremely strict compliance reviews on the company's specification documents, system operation, supply of welding materials and materials, welder operation, demonstration of demonstration products, etc. The JIU believes that the work of Nantong Xinbao meets the requirements of ASME standards and codes. During the audit, the relevant departments cooperated closely.

Modular Design and Flexibility Improvement of Graphite Equipment

With the diversification of industrial demand, the modular design of graphite equipment has gradually become the mainstream trend in the industry. This design allows the equipment to be flexibly combined and adjusted according to actual requirements to meet processing requirements in different scenarios. This paper will analyze the advantages of modular design, including improving the adaptability of equipment, reducing maintenance costs, and introduce some successful application of modular design of graphite equipment cases.

Development Trend of Automation and Intelligence of Graphite Equipment

With the rapid development of automation and intelligent technology, graphite equipment is also moving in this direction. This paper discusses the technical progress of graphite equipment in automatic control system, intelligent sensing and monitoring, remote maintenance and fault diagnosis, analyzes the role of these technologies in improving equipment performance and reducing labor costs, and looks forward to the future intelligent development trend of graphite equipment.

Efficient Processing Technology and Application of Graphite Equipment

Graphite equipment has become an indispensable part of modern industry with its efficient processing technology. These devices use advanced cutting systems and precise control systems to achieve high-speed, high-precision machining of graphite materials. This paper will introduce the technical characteristics of graphite equipment in the process, including the optimization of cutting parameters, tool selection and wear control, and discuss the application effect of these technologies in improving processing efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

Widespread application and technological innovation of graphite electrode processing equipment

Wide application and technological innovation of graphite electrode processing equipment: Graphite electrode processing equipment has played an important role in both emerging and traditional industries. Through advanced processing technology and technology, these equipment can ensure the precision processing of graphite electrodes and improve product quality and performance. At the same time, domestic enterprises also actively participate in international technical cooperation and exchanges, and promote the technological innovation and upgrading of graphite electrode processing equipment.

Functional expansion and diversified applications of graphite equipment

In addition to the traditional cutting and processing functions, modern graphite equipment also has a variety of extended functions, such as punching, printing, laser engraving, etc. The increase in these functions enables graphite equipment to be used in more fields and meet a wider range of market needs. This paper will introduce the implementation principle and technical characteristics of these extended functions, and discuss their role in improving equipment utilization and expanding the scope of application.