GX Type Tubular Graphite Falling Film Absorber

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graphite heat exchanger | graphite falling film absorber | hydrogen chloride and hydrochloric acid synthesis furnace

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1. Structure and characteristics
The tubular graphite falling film absorber has the characteristics of high absorption efficiency, high absorption intensity (generally up to 0.8~1.2 tons per tube per day), high acid concentration in the product, low outlet temperature, no need for further cooling, stable operation, and convenient control.
This equipment does not pollute the product and is mainly used for absorbing Hcl gas to produce hydrochloric acid. It can also be used for membrane absorption of other gases (SO, NH, HF, PO, H.S, etc.).
This equipment is divided into Type 1 and Type II, with Type 1 lower head made of impregnated graphite and Type II lower head made of steel lined rubber parts.
2. Technical characteristics
Design pressure
Tube diameter: 0.1MPa
Shell pass: 0.3Mpa
Design temperature
Tube temperature: -20 ℃ -130 ℃
Shell side: -20 ℃ -120 ℃
Specification: 3-260m ²
Large tubular falling film absorbers can be designed and manufactured according to user needs.
3. Structural type, specifications and dimensions
1) The structural type is shown in the attached figure
2) Specifications and dimensions can be found in the attached table

We use stable quality of chemical special graphite and fine particle graphite as raw materials, the use of advanced technology synthesis of resin as impregnating agent, through a complete process, expand the scope of application of impregnated graphite, to provide you with a variety of highly corrosive media products.
We wholeheartedly provide you with systematic design and manufacturing, especially in HCL, hydrochloric acid synthesis system, concentrated acid desorption system, dilute acid total desorption system, secondary brine refining system, organic matter purification system, adiabatic absorption and other systems, which can meet the needs of anti-corrosion and high-quality products in the production process. At the same time, our technology and products are also widely used in chemical, petroleum, medicine, metallurgy, electronics, food and other fields.

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